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Which platform to build an app for first- Android or iOS?

by Admin

In the world of app development, Windows and Blackberry are now out of picture, Android and iOS are contending for the top slots. With the rise in the number of startups these days, the question “which platform to build an app for first” becomes important for the app developers. In this article, we will talk about certain features of both the platforms so as to make choice for app development simpler.



In general, Android occupy largest global platform share with lower income areas and developing nations unlike iOS which have users that usually have higher income, higher education levels, more engagement, and spend more per app.

Revenue Models

Compared to Android, iOS apps earn more revenue as paying for apps is still common on iOS. Their revenue models represent the approaches of Google and Apple.

Release Cycles

In terms of adoption rate of its latest OS version, Android lags behind iOS. With iOS, you can focus on supporting the newest versions of the operating system with certainty that your app will still have broad reach. This focus allows developers to build new APIs that does not support older devices, and reduces development cycle times and testing.

Enterprise Apps

With the more locked-down in iOS compared to “open” Android, iOS is considered as the more secure option. Tools that are more sophisticated are provided by MDM for iOS devices and apps management. Last year Apple also announced a partnership with IBM for mobile enterprise apps.


iOS have absolute dominance in the tablet market, especially for business users. We commonly witness people that have an Android smartphone but use an iPad as their preferred tablet.

Development Speed

Development speed on both iOS and Android is more or less the same.

App Cost

As development time, the cost stands as another factor that does NOT determine which development you should chose.

Every business being different, there are certain factors that are not purely technical. One must understand the business and most importantly customers before choosing either Android or iOS app development.