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Top Three Picks to Make Most of Mobile App Marketing Analytics

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When developing a mobile app, months of brainstorming and hard work goes into it. To make it successful, analytics are required, they allow to measure the execution and value of all the planning and hard work put into the app.

Mobile App Marketing Agency By using app analytics, you can measure every aspect of user behavior. Here are three top tips to help you make most of mobile app analytics.

Start Using App Analytics Before Your App Is Launched -
The earlier you start using analytic, better it is. If you wait till the launch of your app, it may get too late. There is abundant data that can be analyzed during apps alpha or beta stage, resulting in a more user-friendly product. There are many tools that are used for a data-driven beta period such as TestFlight, this tool allows develops to distribute a beta and analyze its usage and resulting in quick iterative cycles. So, analytics from the data-driven beta period, this will result in a more dynamic product.

Different Analytic Provider For Different Kind Of App -
Mobile app is expansive and to differentiate some analytic providers cater to specific app verticals. For instance- If you are designing a mobile game then Playtomic will make an ideal choice, whereas if you are developing a content delivery app then Localytics will be a more suitable choice. In mobile app marketing services, it is very important to consider the type of app, depending upon which you can select an analytic platforms.

Analyze Mobile Application Market Data In Advance -
In mobile application marketing services, it is always wise to analyze market data in advance so that you can make smarter decisions and learn from your competitors shortcomings. There are some analytics provider that offer market data, although you may find it difficult to access but this data can give insight about how similar kinds of app are performing in the market place, their price, no. of downloads they are able to achieve. For instance- if a competing app is not able to fetch much downloads at 3$ price then you need to carefully consider the price for your app.