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Which platform to build an app for first- Android or iOS?

by Admin

In the world of app development, Windows and Blackberry are now out of picture, Android and iOS are contending for the top slots. With the rise in the number of startups these days, the question “which platform to build an app for first” becomes important for the app developers. In this article, we will talk about certain features of both the platforms so as to make choice for app development simpler. Demographics In general, Android occupy largest global platform share with lower income areas and developing nations unlike iOS which have users that usually have higher income, higher education levels, more engagement, and spend more per app. Revenue Models Compared to Android, iOS apps earn more revenue as paying for apps is still common on iOS. Their revenue models represent the appr ...

Know the Google Play Store, Home to Millions of Android Apps!

by Blog

During this era of smartphones, most of the marketers started going towards mobile apps and preferably more closer to Google Play to fuel up their business with a continued growth via mobile app marketing. Business personnel also lean for Apple’s App Store, so we never suggest to ignore iOS market, but Google Play offers a fascinating opportunity that could be favorable for your business in a number of new ways. As Google Play Store facilitates exploring new opportunities, Android Ad Campaign for business promotions and more, yet there are things that every marketer must know, which are – Reliable and Cost-Effective Advertising Google’s Play Store provides greater supply of ad inventory as compared to iOS since Android Ecosystem has a wide array of third-party ad network ...