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One, Two, Three, Four – Marketing Strategies for your Mobile App

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“Mobile apps are exponentially growing and would continue to grow and attract consumers in the year 2014” – according to Gartner's survey. Witnessing such a huge popularity, there are several players who are trying to make a space in the mobile app world. However, building a great app is just half the way, to make it work in the densely-crowded market, you would need factual and effective mobile app marketing strategies to market the app and get a favorable response from your target audience. Four Mobile App Marketing Strategies – The key to success of a smartphone application Market Research - When building your app, first thing you need to be sure is that there is a demand for it in the market and your app will become a useful means to fill this gap. Thus, initiate ...

Eight Best Platforms for Building Mobile Apps – Part II

by Blog

This blog is in continuation to the first blog written under the same title, wherein we shared four best platforms for building mobile apps. Here are the remaining four platforms to create feature-rich powerful apps. Appery - It is a cloud-based mobile app builder and does not requires any installation or downloading thus making it quick & simple to get started. It supports app for Android, iOS, and Windows phone. As the tool is completely cloud-based it allows instant sharing of projects with development teams, business collaborates, users on real-time basis. Users also enjoy access to Appery plugin catalog, enabling them to create their own private plugins to add in their apps. GameSalad - As the name suggests, it enable users to create & submit game applications on mu ...

Mobile Trends – Now and In Future

by Admin

According to the Cisco Report, by the end of this year, we will have more internet connected mobile devices as compared to people on the planet. Mobile adoption is growing two times faster than the Internet, three times faster than the Social Media, and ten times faster than the Personal Computers. Mobile has totally shifted the power from brands to consumers and empowering them to control almost everything. It is now becoming easier to survive in this new marketing world by engaging with customers in new contextual ways. According to Forrester Research 2013, Push notifications become an ideal tool to combine mobile marketing’s unique benefits. In the recent case studies, there is 93% of higher retention rate for users receiving push messages in the first month after downloading. ...