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Know the Google Play Store, Home to Millions of Android Apps!

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During this era of smartphones, most of the marketers started going towards mobile apps and preferably more closer to Google Play to fuel up their business with a continued growth via mobile app marketing. Business personnel also lean for Apple’s App Store, so we never suggest to ignore iOS market, but Google Play offers a fascinating opportunity that could be favorable for your business in a number of new ways. As Google Play Store facilitates exploring new opportunities, Android Ad Campaign for business promotions and more, yet there are things that every marketer must know, which are – Reliable and Cost-Effective Advertising Google’s Play Store provides greater supply of ad inventory as compared to iOS since Android Ecosystem has a wide array of third-party ad network ...

Mobile App Marketing Strategies for Small Entrepreneurs

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Whether your business has a mobile app or a mobile website, you must be aware that you can utilize the location-based marketing to achieve your goals. However, very few of us are aware about the mobile marketing strategies that can be implemented to achieve the growth. Here are some of the tactics discussed below that will definitely help your business to reach at its maximum potential: Send Location Based Offers with Push Notifications Location based push notifications allow you to target users by location that are present within few hundred feet radius from your business area. This can help most of the business varies from restaurant to business facilities, libraries to mechanics, and bars from retail outlets. Encourage Users to Check in Via Various Social Media & Mobile Marketing ...

A Beginner’s FAQs before Building an App

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Building a mobile app for the first time? When you think of building an app, there is lot of hard work and preparation that goes in it, so here are most common questions to help first-timers build a successful app. I have many app ideas in mind and I am perplexed which one I should pursue? It is good to brainstorm and then come up with an idea that you find refreshing and unique. Initially you can build a mock up or wireframe of your app and discuss the validness of idea with your peers or any influential people you know. Open discussion and feedback can really be useful. How do I ensure that there is a demand for my app? Before creating whole app with features, build only the core proposition of the app and discuss it with your target audience and see the response of people ...