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One, Two, Three, Four – Marketing Strategies for your Mobile App

by Blog

“Mobile apps are exponentially growing and would continue to grow and attract consumers in the year 2014” – according to Gartner's survey. Witnessing such a huge popularity, there are several players who are trying to make a space in the mobile app world. However, building a great app is just half the way, to make it work in the densely-crowded market, you would need factual and effective mobile app marketing strategies to market the app and get a favorable response from your target audience. Four Mobile App Marketing Strategies – The key to success of a smartphone application Market Research - When building your app, first thing you need to be sure is that there is a demand for it in the market and your app will become a useful means to fill this gap. Thus, initiate ...

To Market, Advertise or Promote Your Mobile Apps, These Tools Deliver Best Results

by Admin

With mobile marketing tools, modern marketers are reaping massive benefits out of it, as it allows them to stay connected with existing as well as potential customers. If you are willing to introduce a mobile app, just developing a good app is not enough. Your efforts and vision should be properly marketed and promoted to reach targeted users. Mobile app marketers employ number of strategies, tools and resources to pitch and penetrate the desired market of users. When it comes to spread the word about your app on multiple channels like social media, magazines, blogging sites and press release or review sites as well as in other marketing channels, here is a list of applications that will probably help you to advertise and promote your mobile app - Category Mobile App Des ...