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Which platform to build an app for first- Android or iOS?

by Admin

In the world of app development, Windows and Blackberry are now out of picture, Android and iOS are contending for the top slots. With the rise in the number of startups these days, the question “which platform to build an app for first” becomes important for the app developers. In this article, we will talk about certain features of both the platforms so as to make choice for app development simpler. Demographics In general, Android occupy largest global platform share with lower income areas and developing nations unlike iOS which have users that usually have higher income, higher education levels, more engagement, and spend more per app. Revenue Models Compared to Android, iOS apps earn more revenue as paying for apps is still common on iOS. Their revenue models represent the appr ...

How to Retain Customers on Mobile Apps?

by Admin

With the world being fitted into our mobiles, we do a lot of stuff with these little, easy to carry gadgets. To help our needs, there are loads of mobile apps for different purposes, but the challenge for mobile app owners is to get the user attention for not only to download the app but also to use it for longer. Here are some points for improving traffic as well as to retain users to continue using your mobile apps - Privacy Intrusion If you collect information without the permission of user that would invade their privacy. Your app should only collect information, which is needed for providing the desired services else, users will remain highly conscious about their privacy. Frequent "Rate the App" requests It is annoying to get frequent request for rating the application b ...

Top Three Picks to Make Most of Mobile App Marketing Analytics

by Blog

When developing a mobile app, months of brainstorming and hard work goes into it. To make it successful, analytics are required, they allow to measure the execution and value of all the planning and hard work put into the app. By using app analytics, you can measure every aspect of user behavior. Here are three top tips to help you make most of mobile app analytics. Start Using App Analytics Before Your App Is Launched - The earlier you start using analytic, better it is. If you wait till the launch of your app, it may get too late. There is abundant data that can be analyzed during apps alpha or beta stage, resulting in a more user-friendly product. There are many tools that are used for a data-driven beta period such as TestFlight, this tool allows develops to distribute a beta and ...