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Mobile App Marketing Strategies for Small Entrepreneurs

by Blog

Whether your business has a mobile app or a mobile website, you must be aware that you can utilize the location-based marketing to achieve your goals. However, very few of us are aware about the mobile marketing strategies that can be implemented to achieve the growth. Here are some of the tactics discussed below that will definitely help your business to reach at its maximum potential:

Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Send Location Based Offers with Push Notifications
Location based push notifications allow you to target users by location that are present within few hundred feet radius from your business area. This can help most of the business varies from restaurant to business facilities, libraries to mechanics, and bars from retail outlets.

Encourage Users to Check in Via Various Social Media & Mobile Marketing Platforms to Redeem Coupons
Most of the people use check-in features on Foursquare, Facebook or other social media apps. You should encourage your customers to share their check-in details on social media sites with their friends to redeem coupons, as it will alternatively give more exposure to your business.

Place QR Codes Inside of Your Establishment
You can feature a QR code during the special promotional events so that your customers can scan it to download your official app in order to get informed about the latest offers and updates. You can even place these QR codes with specific content that will only open after downloading the app.

Go Over Your Mobile App Analytics
After successfully downloading your app on the Smartphones, the next big thing that you must take care of being, understanding how your customers are utilizing your mobile app to interact with you. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take some time to analyze the specific habits of app users that will really help you in the marketing of your business and provide them the products and services according to their need and wants.

These tips are easy to implement, give you instant results and help your business to reach at its maximum potential. However, the only thing to look after is what works or what does not work with your customers because every small business is unique.