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Know the Google Play Store, Home to Millions of Android Apps!

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During this era of smartphones, most of the marketers started going towards mobile apps and preferably more closer to Google Play to fuel up their business with a continued growth via mobile app marketing. Business personnel also lean for Apple’s App Store, so we never suggest to ignore iOS market, but Google Play offers a fascinating opportunity that could be favorable for your business in a number of new ways.

Cumulative install

As Google Play Store facilitates exploring new opportunities, Android Ad Campaign for business promotions and more, yet there are things that every marketer must know, which are –

    • Reliable and Cost-Effective Advertising
Google’s Play Store provides greater supply of ad inventory as compared to iOS since Android Ecosystem has a wide array of third-party ad networks that perform well to drive user acquisition. It is proved with a recent research that shows there is about twelve percent more ad inventory is delivered by Google’s Play store than iOS.
    • Organic Search Driven Discovery
As we all are well aware about the importance of organic search in advertisement. Usually, users seek for organic advertisements to get to your app, since these are free and provide loyal users reviews of those who have installed your app before. In the same way, Google’s Play Store has more tools to drive organic users towards it, and this is what every app marketers are looking for.
    • Extensive Marketing Optimization and Acknowledgement
Google Play offers acknowledgement of marketing framework that is essential for you to get insights about your product, so that you would be able to make decisions regarding more informative advertisements. A tracking code piece known as “Android Referrer” anonymously “acknowledges” every app installs back to the place from where it is originated i.e. to the ad network and ad creative. This market acknowledgement and optimization provides valuable intelligence, even with keeping the need of user privacy balanced.
    • Instant App Approval Process
As the market of mobile apps is moving fast and changing constantly, a quick adaptation of the able apps can provide gain to the app marketers at a competitive edge. Google Play provides a perfect platform for the apps to get adapted quickly so as to change the market dynamics. In response to this, developers react to feedback instantly and also shows an app update available on Google’s Play within few hours of adaptation. While iOS requires a submission and approval process to get it done.