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How to Retain Customers on Mobile Apps?

by Admin

With the world being fitted into our mobiles, we do a lot of stuff with these little, easy to carry gadgets. To help our needs, there are loads of mobile apps for different purposes, but the challenge for mobile app owners is to get the user attention for not only to download the app but also to use it for longer.

Here are some points for improving traffic as well as to retain users to continue using your mobile apps -

  • Privacy Intrusion

If you collect information without the permission of user that would invade their privacy. Your app should only collect information, which is needed for providing the desired services else, users will remain highly conscious about their privacy.

  • Frequent "Rate the App" requests

It is annoying to get frequent request for rating the application by the user who is already stressed with time. It would be much better to place rating option in the menu so that the user can rate it as per his will.

  • Error-Prone

If your app has bugs or glitches that eats up too much memory or crashes all the time, then it has high chances of getting uninstalled sooner. Users are highly impatient and can no way handle such bugs. You should have your app tested on multiple devices before the release.

  • Longer Forms

Users download apps for quick services. If they are asked to fill lengthy and convoluted forms, they will get irritated. The app developers should keep this in mind to provide more services while consuming fewer resources.

If you have a mobile app ready for launch in the popular app markets, it is wise to get an App Audit done before releasing. This will help you to know the areas that might hinder user experience to fullest.