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Eight Best Platforms for Building Mobile Apps – Part II

by Blog

This blog is in continuation to the first blog written under the same title, wherein we shared four best platforms for building mobile apps. Here are the remaining four platforms to create feature-rich powerful apps.

Appery - It is a cloud-based mobile app builder and does not requires any installation or downloading thus making it quick & simple to get started. It supports app for Android, iOS, and Windows phone. As the tool is completely cloud-based it allows instant sharing of projects with development teams, business collaborates, users on real-time basis. Users also enjoy access to Appery plugin catalog, enabling them to create their own private plugins to add in their apps.

GameSalad - As the name suggests, it enable users to create & submit game applications on multiple platforms like iOS, HTML 5, Android and OS etc. Platform offers drag & drop functionality allowing users to get started without any knowledge of coding. It also provides an active community forum wherein users can share views, advice with other game designers. GameSalad has recently collaborated with Amazon to allow users access to various development options that are specifically optimized for Kindle Fire Platform & GameCircle APIs. If you want to build a video game app and looking for a simple & feature rich platform then this app is for you.

Good Barber - Good Barber app as the name sounds, works like a good barber cutting & styling your apps where needed. It allows users to take control of every aspect of the app without any need of technical knowledge. It offers around 50 built-in designs, with 350 beautiful icons and more than 600 Google fonts to select. In addition, flexibility of customizing them and add 28 connectors like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram SoundCloud, Wordpress, etc.

ShoutEm - This offers a dynamic platform for building mobile app with complete content management, monetization options, and compelling tools for user engagement, coupled with a smooth publishing process. In addition, users can customize it as per their needs and each app can be integrated with their present content sources be it WordPress, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Sound Cloud and more. The best feature it offers is of monetization so that users can offer an e-commerce experience, with exciting options of deals & coupons; this will also result in a steady revenue stream.