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A Beginner’s FAQs before Building an App

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Building a mobile app for the first time?
When you think of building an app, there is lot of hard work and preparation that goes in it, so here are most common questions to help first-timers build a successful app.

building an app

  • I have many app ideas in mind and I am perplexed which one I should pursue?
    It is good to brainstorm and then come up with an idea that you find refreshing and unique. Initially you can build a mock up or wireframe of your app and discuss the validness of idea with your peers or any influential people you know. Open discussion and feedback can really be useful.
  • How do I ensure that there is a demand for my app?
    Before creating whole app with features, build only the core proposition of the app and discuss it with your target audience and see the response of people, do they like the concept of the app and are happy with the idea of using it. Are they ready to buy? Instead of solely relying on statistics and survey, word of mouth can give you constructive feedback.
  • Should I build the app in-house or outsource?
    If this is your first time in the app development, then don’t take second chances rather look for an experienced outsourced provider that completely understands your requirements. For instance- even most popular products today including Fab.com, Skype, and Alibaba were first outsourced at their initial stage. Once it is introduced, you may take maintenance and updates in-house.
  • After my app is complete, how do I submit it to android market or app store?
    For submitting app, make a developer account with the respective store Apple or Google. You can easily register it through the website and pay the annual app store fees for Google it is $25 and for Apple it is $99. After that, actual submission of the app will be done by developers.
  • Should I offer my app free or should fix a price?
    Main aim of creating the app is revenue generation however initially offering your app free of cost is a good idea. Another idea can be offering limited features of your app free and if users want to explore more exciting features, then they can pay for it. If you do not agree with the idea, then another marketing strategies for app is to keep initially a low price and when you develop a user base, gradually you can rise.
  • How do I market my app?
    For mobile app advertising and promotion, a third party endorsement is the most viable strategy. Reviews from influential bloggers, word of mouth, testimonial of existing customers, press coverage, introducing updates and more features. This helps in building credibility of your app.