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7 Ways To Effectively Promote Your Mobile App

by Admin

Nowadays, with the availability of millions of apps simply publishing your app with unique features and phenomenal design is not enough. The challenge for app developers is to reach your users and make them to download the app.


Following 7 steps will help you getting your app discovered -

Buzz beforehand the app launch

You should start creating buzz around your app before its release to make sure that it doesn't disappear among hundreds of apps. Moreover, raising interest in advance would result in more downloads, at the time of the launch of your app.

Create a Teaser Video

You can create a teasing video for promoting your app, which highlight features of your app and mention the situations where it would make the user's life easier.

Have good first impression

As said first impression is last impression, your business depend upon the first thing that your customer will see. Every little detail about your app - icon, description, screenshots, etc. matters and should grab customer's attention.

Invite users to be part of your mailing list

Creating a mailing list is the most penny-pinching way for engaging user with your app. This will help your user to get frequent updates on discounts, promotions and the latest news about your services.

Use your mobile website

Redirecting your customers to the app from the mobile site whenever they visit is one of the most effective ways to encourage the download of the app.

Engage through QR codes

QR codes, which is a type of 2D barcode, is another way of providing quick and easy access to your app. Use of QR codes make your marketing material interactive. Users will point their device at the QR code, scan it and redirect to the webpage you want to promote.

Leverage the power of social media

As your customers spend most of their time on Social media, so it is necessary in promotion. You can use any of social media platform available, provide all the necessary information about your app, and focus on its main advantages.