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Eight Best Platforms for Building Mobile Apps – Part II

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This blog is in continuation to the first blog written under the same title, wherein we shared four best platforms for building mobile apps. Here are the remaining four platforms to create feature-rich powerful apps. Appery - It is a cloud-based mobile app builder and does not requires any installation or downloading thus making it quick & simple to get started. It supports app for Android, iOS, and Windows phone. As the tool is completely cloud-based it allows instant sharing of projects with development teams, business collaborates, users on real-time basis. Users also enjoy access to Appery plugin catalog, enabling them to create their own private plugins to add in their apps. GameSalad - As the name suggests, it enable users to create & submit game applications on mu ...

Eight Best Platforms for Building Mobile Apps – Part I

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If you wish to build an app for your business, for your products or services then here is the good news for you as there are myriad platforms available that enable people to design their own apps without huge investment and technical knowledge. Entering the mobile market no more requires a whooping amount and months of hard work. These platforms have made things quick & accessible. Here is a list of most popular platforms widely used for building mobile apps. The App Builder – This allows users to develop a smart phone app within minutes without any need of jotting down codes. Due to its ease of use, it enjoys a dominating place in the mobile market. It offers a suite of apps to serve events, music, sports, business, employees etc. This platform supports including iPhone, iPad and ...

Stats that Represents Mobile as Emerging Leader in Marketing

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Mobile-commerce sales are booming and expected to reach $100 billion in the year 2014. Since the mobile internet was invented, mobile marketing has become one of the most explosive technology waves that show no sign of slowing down. Here are some of the stats that clearly feature the importance of mobile app marketing: Marketing through Mobile has fast conversion rate A recent study reveals that 81% of conversion from mobile search takes place within five hours of the search. Mobile searches are important because they can directly lead to a number of actions like, calls; visit to a business and in the end, results in sales. Mobile has now become the leader in global search According to the predictions, the number of mobile searches will soon overtake the desktop searches in the year 2 ...