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To Market, Advertise or Promote Your Mobile Apps, These Tools Deliver Best Results

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With mobile marketing tools, modern marketers are reaping massive benefits out of it, as it allows them to stay connected with existing as well as potential customers. If you are willing to introduce a mobile app, just developing a good app is not enough. Your efforts and vision should be properly marketed and promoted to reach targeted users. Mobile app marketers employ number of strategies, tools and resources to pitch and penetrate the desired market of users. When it comes to spread the word about your app on multiple channels like social media, magazines, blogging sites and press release or review sites as well as in other marketing channels, here is a list of applications that will probably help you to advertise and promote your mobile app - Category Mobile App Des ...

The Dos and Don’ts of Mobile App Monetization

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Mobile app monetization is the most desired stage after the development and app release cycle. The sole purpose to make some money through completely developed mobile app is termed as mobile app monetization. However, monetizing efforts are not so simple, it requires strategic approach and careful planning to achieve anticipated outcome. To help you understand the right practices in monetizing your mobile app, go through the points given below - The Dos - To Maximize your App’s eCPM (effective Cost Per Mile) and Revenue Put your ads as a recommendation, which must not seem like a general ad Ditch the banner ads, they are not much effective Choose networks that offer better outcomes with realistic claims Cut out any commission that incur in the form of intermediary fees Lowe ...

The App Store Transaction Costs at Google Play and iTunes

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One thing that you need to take into account while deciding for a business model to generate revenue from your app is the returns, whenever a user buy your paid app or pay a specific amount for an in-app purchase. In this blog, we have explained transaction costs that are involved when you plan or launch an app at Google Play or iTunes. Transaction Cost at Google Play Google charges a flat 30% cost of all app sales and in-app purchases. For a paid app, you have the option to change the app price anytime. However, if you launched the app initially as free, you may not be able to put a cost at later stage. In such an instance, the only way is to create another version of the app and select the appropriate downloading cost while uploading it on Google Play. Moreover, the customers of Goo ...